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Whiplash A Potentially Debilitating Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer, Ron Kim Law, Attorney at Law, offering services. Contact our offices today. 1-877-859-3943You’re stopped at a light or stop sign. Out of nowhere you are struck in the rear by another car. It happens everyday. Whiplash refers to the sudden transfer of energy that causes the structures of your neck to abruptly straighten and bend beyond their normal range of motion, potentially resulting in an injury. This type of injury can result in chronic, even debilitating, pain. Yet whiplash is a real phenomenon with real effects. Researchers have identified a critical moment during a whiplash accident that may have catastrophic consequences for the neck. This insight may lead to the design of headrests that will prevent more injuries. Meanwhile, whiplash patients continue to seek effective treatments, often trying a variety of remedies in search of relief.

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Whiplash injuries often occur during low-speed collisions, however low speeds can translate into a lot of force. Insurance carriers attempt to minimize whiplash injuries as a “soft tissue injury” that does not result in a fractured, herniated or broken vertebrae or when surgery is not elected by the injured party.

Headrests have come a long way since the early 60’s. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated that headrests in cars manufactured after Sept. 1, 2008, be placed higher and closer to the head than in older cars. Most owner’s manuals provide information on how to fine-tune headrest adjustment to your height.

Unfortunately, many doctors and patients become frustrated because in many whiplash cases, imaging studies cannot identify the source of chronic pain. Some injured as a result of a whiplash injury have persistent pain and perfectly normal imaging test results, while others with abnormal imaging tests are pain-free. Our firm has been successful in proving these injuries.

Source: Premium Health News Service

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