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Accidental Injury-Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury LawyerAccidental Injury-Vehicle Accidents
There were 32,166 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2015 in which 35,092 deaths occurred.  Of the 35,092 people that died in a fatal automobile accident in the United States, 958 drivers died in Tennessee, 849 drivers died in Alabama, and 2939 drivers died in Florida; this is not to mention the millions that were accidentally  injured and the billions of dollars in car repairs that were lost. Of those that went to court, those who went to court with legal representation had a much higher success rate than the unrepresented. We find that the greatest problem encountered by those involved in an automobile accident is attempting to negotiate with stubborn insurance companies. Our firm has a great deal of experience negotiating with insurance companies and will see to it that you get the compensation that you deserve. Additionally, if the party at fault in an accidental injury-vehicle accident, has no or not enough insurance (like approximately 22% of drivers in Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama), we will negotiate with the uninsured/underinsured insurance carrier to give you what’s rightfully yours.

Motorcycle Accidents
While less of the populace operate motorcycles than automobiles, motorcycle accidents are surprisingly common, especially in the South. In 2015 there were 4,693 people that died in fatal accidental injury-vehicle accidents– motorcycle accidents in the United States, 119  were killed in Tennessee, 577 were killed in Florida, and 64 were killed in Alabama. Motorcycle accidents bring many of the same issues common to automobile accidents; however, sometimes the exact cause of a motorcycle accident can be less clear, requiring the services of an accident expert to help prove your side of the case. Our firm knows where to find the people required to resolve your case.

Additionally, approximately a third of motorcyclists involved in major accidents reportedly hold invalid licenses, causing further complication for the unrepresented. As motorcycle accidents continue to be on the rise, we will continue to see that each one is brought justice.

18-Wheeler Accidents
Over 500,000 accidental injury-vehicle Accidents 18-wheeler accidents occur every year in the United States, and the injuries sustained by those lucky enough to survive are usually horrific, creating astronomical medical bills and great deals of pain and suffering. Of these 500,000 accidents, approximately 5,000 result in fatalities. In fact, 18-wheeler trucking accidents account for one of every eight traffic deaths. Many of the dangers of 18-wheelers result from the fact that truckers are forced to drive long hours without sleep, and such large tractor-trailers are extremely hard to operate due to their wide turns and blind spots. 18-wheelers are held to different laws and traffic regulations than smaller automobiles, making cases and litigation in which they are involved slightly different.

In the United States, pedestrian fatalities account for eleven percent of accidental injury-vehicle accident fatalities, making pedestrian deaths the second largest category of automobile fatalities following occupants. On average, a pedestrian is injured in traffic every eight minutes and killed in a traffic accident every two hours. When a pedestrian is struck by an automobile, he or she often undergoes serious injuries as well as a great deal of pain and suffering. Here at RON KIM LAW, we will see to it that such unfortunate circumstances are remunerated. While, just as in motorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries bring less clear negligence than automobile accidents, our firm’s trusted associates in the accident investigation field can shed light on the case.

Premises Liability

Premises Liability is a legal term used to describe the responsibility that the owners and occupants of a given property have for a wide range of accidents or injuries that may occur on the site. For example, slip and fall claims are common. In addition claims may be filed for injuries that are result equipment that is used on the property. Also injuries that may be a result of another person’s actions on the property may be the responsibility of a property owner, especially if the owner fails to provide adequate security on the property. Each year, thousands are unrightfully injured due to the negligence of a property owner. These injuries can occur from anything from faulty stairs, floors and walkways to electrical shock. If you think you were injured by the negligence of a property owner, please contact RON KIM LAW to get the legal assistance necessary to get the compensation that you deserve, for accidental injuries, including reparations for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. Common cases of premises liability include, but are not limited to:

  • Slip and fall
  • Pool drownings
  • Falling trees
  • Construction site injuries
  • Inadequate security/surveillance
  • Dog bites
  • Burns
  • Horses, cattle